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Dreams Agency Staff Ratings

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                                    Dreams Agency Staff Profile Badges

So what do the staff profile badges mean? We explain in detail below. 


Dreams Elite:

Our Elite division was introduced at the start of 2016 and only consists of a small number of the industries very best staff. The Elite staff are those who consistently receive amazing feedback, are highly experienced, always work extremely hard, arrive early for all shifts and are simply the best staff in the industry. We only have a limited number of Elite spaces available and so it’s very competitive to feature in this exclusive group. We always recommend booking an Elite staff member if they show up on your shortlist, just remember the group is very small which helps it remain exclusive.

Dreams A Team

This division of staff features those who have proven themselves time and time again and who receive positive feedback, who are highly experienced and reliable. The A team was established in 2010 and to feature in this division requires a great amount of work and feedback from clients. The A team staff work for our agency on a weekly basis and are staff we would highly recommend.

Dreams B Team

This division of staff is quite a large group and the biggest one within the agency. Because the staff are in this group is does not in any means suggest the staff work to a lower standard. The staff feature in this group either because they are quite new and working through the ranks at the agency, do not work regularly for the agency, do not always receive feedback (not all clients have the time to feedback) and other reasons. The B team staff have worked many events for us and so have been awarded this badge.

Dreams New

The new staff at Dreams are the ones who have recently passed their interviews, background checks and tests within the agency. We personally interview everyone within Dreams Agency and with over x50 applying weekly we certainly have our pick of the bunch. The new staff consist of young staff who are currently studying at university/college to experienced staff who are simply new to our agency. You can generally gain a feel for the staff from viewing their profiles and looking at work experience. The new staff are always regarded as the bright future of the industry and very valued staff members.

1-2 Star Rating

If a staff member has a 1-2 Star rating on their profile then we would highly recommend you speaking to them before or trying to arrange an interview. The staff who has a low rating would have most likely received bad feedback or caused another issue. If we experience major issues with staff or they let us down for events we simply remove them. Thankfully this is very rare but just be aware if you are considering booking a staff member with a low rating. 

No Badge
If a staff member does not carry a badge then this basically means we have not yet rated the staff member, you may need to consult your booker in regards to this and they will update their profile and give you an update on the particular staff member.

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